Crazy Old Activist

This is my picture. Sometime the beard is gone and some times the mustache is gone too. Soon the hair will be gone (Then you will see the reason for the long hair.) I am Old (an excuse for screwing up.) I am Crazy and I am an activist. (Don’t tell anyone but I do have a young mind.)

Please play the following. It lets you know who and what I am and was. (It’s short)

Is America the greatest country in the world ? No and it is getting worse.

Please play the following. It’s my hope for you.

The Crazy Old Activist on the web

Empire files

The Government of Terror

The Greatest Depression is coming

Human Extinction

Police = Mercenaries For The Rich

The American Dream is becoming a Nightmare

Racism is Ignoracism

The Injustice System

Wake up America and the World