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Poverty, Dropouts, Drugs, Detroit Detroit has the highest poverty and drop out rates of the nation. 80% of the kids will drop out

Detroit 1961Detroit is the future of non-white America.

Detroit BiographyJournalist Scott Martelle reads from his comprehensive and very readable "biography" of Detroit, from its settlement, to its role in state government, to its industrial rise and fall, and its future potential to be a thriving metropolis again, Martelle gives an objective account of the Motor City.

USSF: Detroit Labor HistoryRon Scott and General Baker discuss the Detroit Rebellion and their experiences that led to their activism in the labor and social justice movement.

Yesterday And Tomorrow In DetroitCompilation of archival film images of Detroit's people and places 1925-1976. Made to be shown to participatory audiences who identify locations, ask questions, and discuss the future of this great city.

Washington to Detroit - Drop Dead?Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report National Edition Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Detroit the Good, the Bad and the Ugly