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I live in downtown Detroit aka the Gaza Strip of Michigan. They (The Tea Nazis) are trying to get rid of Blacks, the poor and senior citizens.

This is what happens when New Era Detroit attempts to feed the community while living in a police state. Share, like & comment.

Posted by Keith Horton on Sunday, January 10, 2016

When ENOUGH IS ENOUGH New Era Detroit (Hood To Hood Wake Up Call)

Posted by Zeek Ned on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Adaj Parr Why are you a member of the Detroit NAACP...?

As it stands, we can only measure the effectiveness of the Black dollar by removing it from the downtown economy.
A Boycott must be grounded and rooted to the core problems in the city. The core problems in the city is the result of a corrupt election process. Who controls the election process? The downtown association, Penske, Gilbert, Illitch. Who are the stakeholders in the downtown economy? Penske, Gilbert, Illitch. A BOYCOTT DOWNTOWN DETROIT will not hurt the community as much as hurting the stakeholders. Removing community dollars from the downtown economy will provide a clear measurement of the impact of our dollars and create a response from the stakeholders of inclusion or exclusion. A boycott will show clearly where we stand in the community!!!
Will you tell your members to say it? Will you tell your members to do it? Will you, yourself say and do it, why?

Detroit – The good, the bad and the ugly