What's a Human?

Sometimes I think God is looking down at Earth and saying to Mother Nature, “Honey, I think we screwed up when we made them.”
This will show mostly the good.

“Statelessness give you a sense of emptiness that no one can understand. Statelessness makes you feel like an empty...

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Quantum Physics Explains- “Death Is An Illusion Created By Our Consciousness?”

by Luke Miller, contributor October 26, 2015, Truth Theory

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Twins - lifelong friends.

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Must watch everyone.The Utah Jazz signed 5 year-old and leukemia sufferer, JP Gibson, to a one-day contract. Here is...

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In the above video Mykal is a talented teenager facing a life-threatening illness who thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Grand Ole Opry had the chance to perform on the legendary Opry stage in front of hundreds of family members and friends. Following her performance she said, “That was the greatest moment of my life.” But her day was about to get even more special as country star Kelsea Ballerini was hiding backstage in order to provide another very memorable surprise.