I Love Life and You Can to.

You have probably heard people say life sucks. I guess sometimes they are right but most of the time they suck. Some people can't take the bad things that come along in life. You have to learn to go with the flow and how to change the flow when you can. If you can't go with it and you can't change it, ignore it.

The world can be tough at times. Some folks say life's a bitch and it sure enough can be. You just have to put up with it. If you play the game right you can roll with the punches and come out on top, well maybe close to the top.

Frankly as long as I am above the bottom I am happy. You get to the top and it can be a long fall. The lower you are the shorter the fall.

Some say I do not have the drive and ambition. I had it. Whenever I got to the top something knocked my butt down. Sometimes that was me. In both marriages the higher I got the worse the marriage got.

There is one thing I have learned (It isn't the only thing just one of the things.) Don't sweat the small stuff and to hell with the big stuff.

I used to have heart burn all of the time. When I decided not to let anything bother me the heart burn left.

I am self employed so I do not have to take bull shit from a boss. I am good enough at what I do so that I do not have to take the bull shit from my clients.

If you realize that the material things are not important you will have a better life. I live in a small downtown apartment within walking distance of some of the best entertainment in the world. I get buses to anywhere in the city within walking distance. Life is great for me because I do not worry about anything.

I have a good life because I make it a good life. I work at all hours out of my apartment. I have time to write. ( From the end of January to April 15th I don't have a lot of time to write because of tax season but I make time for it and the ladies.)

Of course I realize that many of you who are up there love your material things. If you are married the odds are that the wife and kids love them too. I am not saying this is wrong. I am saying that if something happens you may find yourself in a position where you will go down. It will probably be temporary but at the time you will not know how long it will be.

Be prepared. Not only you but your family too. Have an austerity plan. You do not know that your company will stay strong or that you will always be liked by your superiors. You may piss someone of that can knock you out of your job.

Always have an option in case you lose your job. Be involved in the organizations in your industry. If you are an automotive engineer be involve with the Society for Automotive Engineers.

A large number of people work for small businesses. The owner may be the only one that can keep it going. He may end up in divorce, get critically ill or in some other way find himself in a position where he will lose the company. He may have financing problems. You may have the orders but not the money to produce the product.

There are so many things that can burst your bubble. The wife may decide she doesn't like you any more. Everything can be lost in a short time. If you are ready for it you may not hurt so bad.

I have been talking about the man in a relationship but the same can apply to the working woman. The non-working (at a paying job) woman is in many cases dependant on her husband. She has to be ready in case he splits. Try to have a stash of money. No matter how much in love you are and you think he is it can change almost overnight. Be prepared to start over again.

Get a job. It can be a part time job that can be made into a full time job if needed. You may want to get into real estate sales. You may want to start a business out of your home. If your husband asks why tell him you want to have money of your own for gifts so he doesn't have to pay for his gifts from you. You are tired of asking him for money all of the time.

If you are prepared it will not hurt as much if you lose your position in life. DO NOT BE AN ASSHOLE because if you are when you go down no one will help. If you walked over people to get up the ladder they will step on you when you are on your way down. Your misfortune will be their happiness. Be nice on your way up and help others. They may remember and help you recover.

Try to have a nest egg, not for a rainy day but to save your butt.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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