Old Folks' Wisdom

I am 70 and I think that qualifies me as an old man. I have had 3 strokes, 5 heart attacks and 3 Cancers. I have a dephibulator/pacemaker implant, I also have diabetes, arthritus, emphysema and a few other health problems. The funny thing is that 3 years ago they thought I was a goner. Well I feel better thaan I did 30 years ago. I know I may die at any time. I died twice and came back. That makes me think death is not an end but a beginning. If I am wrong I won't know when I die.

I had a friend who has cancer and may lose the fight. She is 65 and a few months ago looked 75 and felt sorry for herself and complained about everything and everyone. I talked to her in hopes of getting her to live life and love life. A couple of weeks later she came to me and looked 55. She was happy and full of life. I told her that when she was down I wanted to throw her out the window. Now I want too pick her up and and throw her on the bed. She hopped on the bed. Her cancer is spreading and getting worse but she is fighting and not letting it bring her down.

Life is what you make it. Happiness is up to you. If you have anything to add to this site let me know on the facebook page or by email

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