Sex – the good, the bad and the ugly

This is not a porn site. It is a site to for education. Even sex professionals can learn how to improve the joy of sex. I learned from a semi-retired bisexual call girl. She said she did such a good job that when she was horney she would come to me (no charge)

5 TED Talks full of weird facts about sex

You probably didn't learn this in sex education...

‘It’s time to stop the moral panic’: Sex worker sounds off on body politics

November 3, 2015 By Patricia Kozicka Lifestyle and Special Projects Reporter  Global News

Valerie Scott has some news for you: sex workers are everywhere, as are the men who are paying for sex. TEDx Toronto, YouTube

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How to Not Break Your Dick During Sex

by Mark Hay, May 23, 2015, Vice News

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