Why I want to help lost souls.

I believe in God and Christ. I was raised Episcopal and was going to be a minister. I became disillusioned with the church because of hypocrisy.

I think of the Bible as a history book written by men coloring the story to benefit them. Like all history books it has true and stories based on fact.

I worship by myself. I have been asked to become a preacher. If I do it will be nondenominational. I would preach a way of life based on the 10commandments. I would not preach Christianity it self.

I would preach for the lost souls of this world. I would not try to convert people to my way. I would want them to stay with their religion and use this as an addition to their lives.

I do not need the material things of life. I am happy with what I have.

I noticed in many churches the poor seem to give more than the others. I would look for money from the others and help the poor. If you are poor and want to help give time not money.

I have had some successful authors tell me that I have a winner with the book I am writing. I have also had people tell me that I will succeed in my rehab plans.

Many of you may think I am full of shit. Some of you may think it will work.

Every time I would go up financially something would knock me down. The first time was alcohol, the second time was bigotry and the third time was the bosses divorce. After the third time I decided God wants me to help the lost souls.

I was spared in two auto accidents that everyone said I should be dead. In one the only undamaged part of the car was the seat I was in. My glasses were outside of the car.

©Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord