Is The World Going To Find Peace?

The Aftermath Of 9-11

Is 9-11 bringing the world together? Will peace come to the middle east? Are the leaders getting sick of bloodshed? Can we internet junkies help by talking to people all over the world? Can people of different religions show that we all have the same goal, Peace?

God gave is the ability to think, analyze situations, decide what is good and bad, and decide whether we will be good or bad. We have the ability to love and hate. We have the ability to listen to others and to listen to reason. We also have the power to ignore the truth and chose the bullshit over the truth and what is right. We can be broad minded or narrow minded.

We have to fight hate. We have to fight prejudice. We have to promote God''s law that says we must love thy neighbor.

Terrorism has to be defeated. While that fight is going on we, the citizens of the world have to fight hate. We have to let our nations' leaders know that it is time for peace.

People of Israel let your leaders know that it is time to let the Palestinians to have their country. It is time for your troops to pull out of the Palestinian territory. Have Jerusalem become a religious state (like the Vatican) governed by the religions that consider it a holy city. No country should rule the city that is holy through out the world.

People of the Arab States let your leaders know that it is time to let Israel have peace as long as they stay in their borders and leave you alone.

Americans let your leaders know that you are fed up with war. Let them know that from this date forward the only war is the war against the terrorists. If no more money or weapons will be given to Israel or any other nation to fight wars. We will help peaceful nations and innocent victims of war. If one country attacks another we will help the nation that is attacked.

People of the world tell your leaders that you want peace and that you will not put up with aggression against other countries.

People of all religions let your leaders know that God is a god of peace no matter what his name is. Tell your leaders that you want them to mend the fences with other religions and to realize that their religion is not the only legitimate religion in the world. As long as a people believe in God, no matter what name for Him or what religion they are, they will have the same chance at heaven as the people of all other religions.

Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland tell your ministers and priests that it is time to realize that you are all God's children and that unless you put a stop to the fighting they are going straight to Hell.

Americans it is time to show the narrow minded bigots of this country that Americans of all races, religions, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds have the same rights as everyone. We are all Americans and we are all God''s Children. We are all equal even though we are different. Try to learn about the differences and also the similarities.

People of the world do the same in your countries.

When you are walking down the street smile and say, ""Hi. How are you today?"" to everyone you see and if they say, ""Fine how are you?"" answer, ""Fine thank you. Smile while you walk and watch others start to smile.

Always be happy and the happiness will spread. I make sure that every day is a good day and I make it a point to help others smile. Happiness is contagious.


© Copyright 2001 Lee W. Gaylord