Religion: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I am going to upset some people. I feel that religion promotes hatred in many cases. I am not a Christian or any other religion. I do feel there is a God and for some reason He wants me to stick around. I must be doing something right becaue I have been close to death many times.

I feel God doesn't care what religion you are. He does care how you live your life. I went broke 3 times and the third time I realized I was supposed to stay broke and help lost souls find themselves.

I believe God is good. Also God gave us our intellignce so we can learn how to survive and improve our lives. The problem is that many use their intelligence in ignorant ways. Greed is possibly going to bring an end to humanity.

I also believe we are put on this Earth to live, learn and help others.

The Good:

Religion does do some good or is it the people doing the good as a part of religious group. A lot of good is also done by non-religious people. Morallity in many cases is based on religious beliefs but not always.

The Bad:

Religions say if you are not in their religion you are going to hell. God doesn't care what religion you are. Many religious leaders preach hatred of those who disagree with them. Many rob from the poor and give to themselves.

The Ugly:

War, racism, genocide and other crimes to humanity are done in the name of God.

I believe in God. I don't believe in hell. I believe death is not an end but a beginning. Our bodies die and we enter a new life with no pain, hatred, greed or crime. I died twice and came back. I have had 3 strocks, 5 heart attacks, 3 bouts with cancer and my body is in very bad shape. I have been close to death many times. According to my doctors say they thought I would have died a few years ago. I feel God won't let me die because my work helping others is not done.

Religion: the good, the bad and the ugly

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