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Watch: Man builds Stone-Age hut completely from scratch

Written by Holly Welsh pubished by collectively on November 1st, 2015
Do you fancy yourself an outdoorsy type? Well, this chap may just give you a run for your money. The somewhat mysterious architect behind the Primitive Technology blog spends his spare time building stuff using only natural resources such as clay and wood. The tiled-roof hut in this video, which amazingly features under-floor heating and a chimney, took him 66 days to build and utilised the stone ‘adze’ (like an axe) that he made in a previous video.
Some of these projects have taken months to complete, so it’s not something you can bash out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But just watching this guy in action is an inspiring way to get a taste of how our ancestors lived – and consider the incredible things we can create using nothing but nature’s storehouse!

Read more in his (anonymous!)blog

The Self Extinction of Humanity