The Crazy Old White Man From The Hood

The Crazy Old White Man was the street name given to the author when he lived in the hood. It is about his life and how he became The Crazy Old White Man and those who were a part of his life during that time. You will get a look at the drug culture and the streets of Detroit. You will meet addicts and people of the streets. The author pulls no punches and is honest and straightforward about the events in his life. There are some success stories and some failures. There are some laughs and some tears. It is real life, and it shows that the people of the streets are normal people who may have made a wrong turn in life. They are lost souls who need to find themselves.
I am Lee Gaylord, AKA the Crazy Old White Man, AKA The Crazy Old Man, AKA Mr. Lee, AKA Eazy Lee, AKA Santa Claus. I have been on the way up and on the way down. I have studied people from all walks of life. I am a reformed drunk, not a recovering alcoholic. I no longer have the urge to drink alcohol. It is my goal to help the lost souls of our society find themselves and lift themselves out of the pits into which they have fallen.

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